About us

Clinprobe is the ideal destination for companies looking for Clinical Research, Information Technology and Staffing Solutions under one roof. Our operations are spread across the US. We deliver Staffing Solutions to clients spread across diverse industries and offer a complete range of Clinical Research and IT Solutions. We pride ourselves in meeting clients deadlines with quality and cost-effective solutions.

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With our dual-domain business model, we are uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of our clients. On the Staffing Services front we have dedicated Hiring Managers and Recruiters scouting across the US for quality resources which meets our clients’ expectations. In the Clinical Research domain, Clinprobe has a well qualified team of Biostatisticians, Statistical Programmers, Clinical Research Associates, Medical Writers, etc. to deliver timely solutions to the clients needs. It is this clear cut demarcation of our acitivities that enables us to devote to our clients the attention they deserve without compromising on the most essential ingredient – Quality!

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia we are an emerging provider of Clinical Research, IT and
Staffing Solutions to our clients across the country. We believe in establishing long lasting
relationships with our clients, which only grows in stature with each successful assignment we
execute for them. Our well-qualified team helps us in meeting the stringent deadlines set forth
by our valuable clients.

Our staffing solutions include placement of both permanent resources as well as contract
resources, depending upon our client’s requirements.

We offer complete range of Clinical Trial Solutions and are continuously striving to become one
of the leading Clinical Research Organization. We pride ourselves with meeting the time and
cost deadlines set forth by our clients. For each project we undertake, we quickly assemble a
team of highly qualified professionals for project design and implementation. It is this swiftness
which ensures that deadlines are met.

Our promise to our clients – “With utmost respect to human values we promise to serve with integrity through innovative, value for money solutions by applying thoughts day after day”


Our vision for the future is to become the client’s first and best choice in the Clinical Research and IT Solutions and strive consistently to excel in these areas. We also want to become one of the leading
providers of Staffing Solutions without compromising quality.


With a dual domain business in place, we have a clearly stated mission for each of our domains viz. Clinical Research and Staffing Solutions.

Mission Statement – Clinical Research

We partner with our customers in delivering clinical data management solutions with the able support of our employees.

Mission Statement – Staffing

We would assist both prospective employers and aspiring employees in realizing their respective goals
and in-turn prosper with their success.


Our core values are meant to be the common binding force right from our current formative stages
through our future growth period. As we grow in size and stature, every person who joins us would be
inducted into the organization with these core values. We believe that this would contribute towards
forming a unique culture at Clinprobe as future unfolds itself!